This project created for manage rsync directories. It’s upload files to server every change.


Currently Supports most of the linux computers, WSL1
Tested on WSL1 Ubuntu and Debian.

Currently WSL2 not supported.

sudo curl https://mirrorfy.ahmetozer.org/mirrorfy -o /usr/bin/mirrorfy
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/mirrorfy

install dependencies

# For ubuntu or Ubuntu on WSL
sudo apt install inotify-tools openssh rsync screen



mirrorfy start Start mirrorfy daemon.
It watchs your directories and every change uploads your directory to remote location.


mirrorfy run Run your mirrorfy only once.
Upload all mirrorfy directories to remote servers.


mirrorfy list List your all directories in config.


mirrorfy add Add locations to mirrorfy config list. This functions has a some flags. Some ones required and showed with **bold**.

Example Commands

mirrorfy add -n myproject1 -a mirrorfy.ahmetozer.org -d /my/remote/dir
mirrorfy add -n myproject1 -a [email protected] -d /my/remote/dir -p 68
mirrorfy add -n myproject1 -a sync@mirrorfy.ahmetozer.org -d /my/remote/dir -l /my/local/dir/
mirrorfy add -n myproject1 -a mirrorfy.ahmetozer.org -d /my/remote/dir -p 99 -l /my/local/directory/


mirrorfy service You can control mirrorfy service on your linux or windows machine

Add startup


Run mirrorfy service register to add mirrorfy startup folder.


Run cmd as Administrator and enter to WSL enviroment with wsl command, then execute mirrorfy service register command to register Mirrorfy service on windows.

Note: You have to create SSH keys on your pc and upload this keys to your server. After uploading ssh key, Please make test connection to your server before adding mirrorfy. You can found more information to creating ssh key and upload, Please visit ahmetozer.org